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Termite Treatment Phoenix

Termite treatment Phoenix

“Not every species of Arizona termites will be a threat to your home or require a termite treatment.”

termite treatment phoenixHouse being eaten? Think you need to hire a Termite Treatment Phoenix service? The first step if you have and/or suspect termites in Phoenix…is to remain calm. Unlike the termites depicted in cartoons your home will not be destroyed in 30 seconds or less. Not all termites in Phoenix are the same and surprisingly some of the more common species will rarely be a threat to your home. So before entering full panic mode…call the experts at Termite Control Phoenix for a Free termite inspection.

Because not all species of termites in Phoenix are the same it’s important to use an experienced termite inspector familiar with all types of termites in Phoenix. An inexperienced termite inspector can overlook unique evidence left by some of our rare species leaving a homeowner with a false sense of security and thousands of dollars in hidden damage.

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Phoenix termite inspectionOur experienced termite inspectors are able to confirm the presence of Phoenix termites, properly identify the species and/or point out areas conducive to future infestation. If termites are found the homeowner will be provided with a diagram listing areas of infestation and the type(s) of termite found. If no evidence is noted we recommend follow up yearly termite inspections. Getting a “preventative Phoenix termite treatment” is not usually recommended as just as species vary…effective service methods vary. For example Western Dry wood termites usually invade a home via flight (flying termites) so a soil treatment for subterranean termites provides no protection from invading airborne termites.

termite inspectionsIf, and when termites in Phoenix are found it’s important to properly identify the invaders to ensure proper control and long term protection. For example: Native species subterranean termites (Heterotermes) are most often reported inside homes. They are the smallest of all termites in Phoenix usually 5 to 6 times smaller than Dry woods or Dampwood termites. This small size creates the ability to enter homes via expansion joints and stress cracks along with tunneling up outside foundations. Because of their small physical and colony size they take a bit longer to create the type of damage that most homeowners envision. Native species subterranean termites prefer to nest under concrete slabs. The slabs provide shade from the desert heat; provide a source of moisture and protection from predators (ants). Infestations of native termites can involve several colonies at the same time so it’s important to establish a continuous protective barrier around and under a home. Special attention should be given to treat the soil under all abutting slabs and inside the garage. Termite treatment to these areas is most effective when small holes are drilled through the slab and the termiticide is injected in sufficient volume to treat large areas of soil.

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termite control phoenixChoosing an effective termite treatment product is important. Special consideration should be given to the construction type of the home, type of soil and immediate surrounding environment. Even when using the best possible termite treatment product it can be less than effective without proper application. Many exterminators will offer a choice of Termidor or Premise either in the original formulation or one of the many generics available. Generally speaking…the soil type in the Phoenix area is “Arizona clay.” In most situations Premise will move better into the soil creating a larger protection barrier and provide almost two years longer residual protection. Premise is considered safer for handling and exposure. Termidor appears to be the better termite treatment product in areas that get irrigation and/or have excessive moisture around the home foundation.

termites in phoenixAfter the initial termite treatment yearly termite inspections are recommended to detect re-infestations, conditions conducive, and barrier breaks.

Termite Control Phoenix is your hometown exterminator and a trusted name in Termite treatment Phoenix services for three generations. Termite Control Phoenix is recommended by local realtors, title companies, home inspectors and our three generations of satisfied customers. Family owned and locally operated we are the experts that other exterminators call upon when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources. We provide FREE yearly termite inspection service, inspection reports, termite treatment quotes and termite control proposals for your home or business.

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