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Termite Inspection Phoenix

termite inspection phoenix

Termite Inspection Phoenix 

So a termite inspector just gave you good news…”No termites.” Just about every Phoenix homeowner has a fear their home will eventually come under attack. When you live in Arizona that fear is justified. Everyday 1000s of unsuspecting homeowners come under attack. Many of these attacks will go undetected for years. Arizona is home to several species of termites and has a reputation that spreads across the United States. Responsible homeowners are constantly on the lookout for signs of termites and have a yearly termite inspection Phoenix service. Especially homes recently serviced should be inspected at least yearly.

Is having a yearly Phoenix termite inspection enough protection? Should you feel relieved when you hear…”No termites?” Maybe…maybe not.

termite treatment phoenixArizona termites can invade from underground, above ground, via flight or be unknowingly imported into your home. Not all termites are the same. Arizona termites come in all sizes, colors and shapes. Each species has it’s own habits and often require different termite treatment methods to effectively control. At least 17 species have been officially documented along with a dozen other species reported in Arizona. Many of these species have different habits making detection more difficult for the inexperienced termite inspector in Phoenix.

Almost every termite inspector in Phoenix is familiar with the more common subterranean termites that build tell-tale mud tubes along your foundation or desert termites that build sheets of mud on wood fences. Few termite inspectors in Phoenix have the experience to detect the presence of Western Drywood Termites or many other less common species. It takes years of experience and training to detect the subtle signs of infestation that vary by species.

Given the cryptic nature of many of these species an infestation can go years before the damage is visible. By then structural damage repairs can be expensive and the value of your home has taken a huge hit.

phoenix exterminatorsThe majority of Termite Inspection Phoenix services offer FREE TERMITE INSPECTIONS. The motivation for providing FREE TERMITE INSPECTIONS is to generate income from the sale of a TERMITE TREATMENT PHOENIX service. TERMITE CONTROL PHOENIX experts know that eventually most homes will have need for a TERMITE TREATMENT PHOENIX service. As a result not every “termite inspector” that shows up for your termite inspection Phoenix service is truly a termite inspector. Many are sales people with minimal training and the goal of earning a commission on the quick sale of a termite treatment Phoenix service.

How can I tell the difference? 

termite inspector in phoenixA sales person will spend minimal time inspecting your home, often focusing on the exterior where they will look for obvious signs of infestation – termite mud tubes on your foundation. While on the exterior they will measure your home to calculate a sales price. The other half of their short visit to your home will be spent closing the sale. Little time will be spent conducting a thorough inspection for termites and conditions that might invite a future infestation.

An experienced termite inspector will also start on the exterior looking for signs of infestation, conditions that are conducive to infestation and warning signs that require detailed inspection inside your home. Depending upon the situation the termite inspector will make a detailed diagram listing areas of infestation, conditions conducive and related concerns. A copy of the diagram is usually left with the homeowner.

After completing a detailed exterior inspection the experienced termite inspector will view the interior of your home. Special attention is paid to exterior walls, expansion joints inside the garage, plumbing void areas, along with interior stress cracks and expansion joints.

arizona termitesDetailed termite inspections should take at least 30-40 minutes and another 10-20 minutes to complete a diagram and/or termite treatment proposal. Results should be reviewed with the termite inspector and if termite activity is noted the species should be properly identified. Conditions conducive to termite infestation should be noted along with suggestions on making correction(s).

If termites are detected a specialized termite treatment proposal should be prepared based upon the type(s) of termites, construction style of the home, surrounding environment along with cosmetic and health considerations. Effective termite treatment Phoenix services are not cookie-cutter.

Termite Treatment Phoenix

Not all types of termites will be a threat to your home and/or require a expensive termite treatment Phoenix service. For example desert termites that build sheets of mud along wood fences periodically during the year will rarely be a threat. Treating (soil) surface areas where they appear can be accomplished with just about any pesticide. Treatments for these types of termites may kill the above ground foragers but rarely reaches the nest(s) underground. These types of termite treatment services only provide temporary relief.

Having the wrong termite inspector in Phoenix can leave a homeowner with a false sense of security and years of termite damage to repair. Doing a little research online and interviewing your termite inspector can minimize the chances of this happening. When in doubt get a second opinion.

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termite control phoenixTermite Control Phoenix is your hometown Phoenix exterminators providing safe, effective solutions for all your pest control needs. Recommended by local realtors, title companies, home inspectors and other Phoenix exterminators when they encounter an infestation beyond their resources we are Arizona’s Pest Control experts. Termite Control Phoenix is family owned and locally operated by natives familiar with the unique pests that inhabit our Sonoran Desert. Termite Control Phoenix provides FREE TERMITE INSPECTION PHOENIX services, TERMITE TREATMENT PHOENIX services, and second opinions.

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